Our Thoughts on Bullying

<p>Ben, Samantha, Ronan and Amber were all Year 6 students in 2011. Like everyone else at our school, they wanted a school free of any bullying behaviour. They interviewed many students from across the school and created this podcast. It highlights the need for us all to work together to stamp out bullying. The podcast raises a lot of important issues and we urge you to listen to it.</p>


AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, did I spell that right? Anyway, I sound really weird on a podcast. I think if we had more time to do that we would have done a better job, but still, I think all the people we interviewed had an important point of. I hope the information we said helped a lot of people.

I really miss MOPS, and I know you miss yr 6 2011. LOL jks! (I sound like popular blond chick that sits on face book all day!)

I also have a strong point of view, on the fact that I heard you guys were getting specific bags for everyone :(

From Amber!!!!!