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National Science Week Activities

Well we had a real blast on Thursday as students in all classes undertook a range of science activities and investigations as a part of National Science Week.

On walking around the school students could be seen building volcanoes, making smog, conducting density investigations, exploring wind power, making balloon rockets and designing and building bridges.

Research Group Semester 1

Research Group, consisting of year 2-6 students Josh, Matthew, Luke, Aiden, Riley, Connor, Sierra, Molly, Marlena, Darby, Willow and Ken has been a real blast they explored the physics of rocketry along with participation in the GRAIL Moonkam project in which the students sent requests for photos to two satellites orbiting the moon and then downloaded the images. You can see the images here.

What's your opinion?

“What’s your opinion?” is an activity that is run every week in the classroom and allows students to provide their opinions on topics in the media. To begin this activity, students watch a Behind the News video that relates to the topic and are given time in class to construct an exposition text on their laptops. Our first topic was shark attacks. Students had to decide whether they believed sharks should be protected or whether humans should be protected from sharks. Once students have completed the activity their work is hung on the wall for their peers to read.

The Student Representative Council at Mt Ousley

Want to know what the SRC is all about?
Sit back and visit SRC 2011 HQ.
But be warned, it's top secret!
Cassie, Layne, Renee H and Tyler

1 to 1 Laptop & iPad Initiative

Every student in Years 3-6 at Mount Ousley has access to an Apple laptop or iPad for use at school and home each day.


Every student in Years 3-6 at Mount Ousley has access to an Apple laptop or iPad for use at school and home each day. The laptops and iPads provide students with a raft of opportunities, including being able to connect to the digitally based 21st century, developing ICT skills, learning creative, problem solving skills, having choice in learning, and experiencing a deeper level of engagement with their learning. Click on the following links to access documents relating to the 1 to 1 initiative.

Program Rationale
Implementation Procedures
iPad Information for K-2 Families (includes recommended app's & iPad prices)

Order directly with Rosman Computers (password required to enter portal - please contact the school)
Any difficulties with accessing the ordering portal, please contact Rosman Computers Thirroul on 4267 4299.