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Rugby Gala Day 2014

Our 1st XV travelled to Nowra to compete in a statewide rugby knockout competition. We tried hard all day but the opposition was just too good. For most of the boys this was their first taste of rugby. Still, everyone went home satisfied with the team's performance. We competed against teams from around the south coast of NSW and learnt a great deal from the experience. Most importantly, everyone learnt that rugby is all about having fun, supporting one another and being respectful to your opponents.


MOPS FM consists of Year 6 journalists who report weekly on what's going on at our school. They plan, script, shoot, edit and produce a program full of interviews and live footage, and present it at the weekly whole school assembly.

The MOPS FM crew recently visited the WIN TV studios in Wollongong and learnt from the experts about what it's like to host the evening news. They asked questions of the newsroom staff and were taken on a special behind-the-scenes tour of the studios.


During Term 1 on Thursday mornings before school, AFL staff visit Mt Ousley and conduct Auskick. It's a fun and active way of practising handball and kicking skills, as well as running around to be fit and healthy. Many of our students participate and here are some of them in action. View the gallery.

Presentation Day

Ryan Park, State Member for Keira, was a special guest at our 2012 Presentation Day ceremony. Ryan greeted the outgoing Y6 leaders and the newly elected school leaders for 2013.

Research Group Presentation Fri 14 Dec.

Research group came to a hands-on end for the year with a sharing session for parents, staff and fellow students. Based on activities completed throughout the year students presented on the Ebb and Flow satellites from GRAIL MoonKAM, water bottle rocketry and LEGO Mindstorm NXT Robotics. Students also completed exit interviews and robotics was certainly identified as a rewarding and challenging area, especially the programming required to complete tasks.

MOPS Rocketry Club - MOPS Mission 2

This term saw another nine students join the MOPS Rocket Club for Mission 2. Students again explored the physics and design of rockets and built Estes Alpha 11 model rockets flying A8-3 engines. Again we got some great height and windy conditions have left a few adorning trees around the school. Lots of fun was had by all!


A full range of pictures are found here.

Tournament of the Minds

MOPS put together a team of 7 students to compete in the regional Tournament of the Minds competition. The team had to create and perform a theatrical piece, explaining the evolution of the mobile phone. When you see what they came up with, it reminds you of the amazing technological advances society has made in recent times.

Drama Enrichment Group

This year, the drama enrichment group has been made up of 18 enthusiastic K-2 students. With Mrs Hamers, they have been learning different drama games, such as "Stretch and Curl", "Melting Shape", "Mirror", "Magic Clay" and "High, Middle and Low." They also acted out picture books, where they created the movements to go along with the story.

MOPS Rocketry Club - MOPS Mission 1

 Summary  -  Well MOPS Mission 1 was a great success with all students successfully building and launching an Astra or Alpha 1 model rocket with an A engine that took the rocket well over 100m high. All but one were recovered despite some parachute mishaps! It has been a real delight to work with the 5/6 students and their enthusiasm and effort in attending this after school enrichment project. You can see photos of the launch here.

Term 4 will see ten students in 3/4 given the opportunity of joining MOPS Mission 2 for a repeat session.



Active Kids

Motto: Stay fit, have fun and be healthy!


Every student in Years 3-6 at Mount Ousley has access to an Apple laptop or iPad for use at school and home each day. The laptops and iPads provide students with a raft of opportunities, including being able to connect to the digitally based 21st century, developing ICT skills, learning creative, problem solving skills, having choice in learning, and experiencing a deeper level of engagement with their learning. Click on the following links to access documents relating to the 1 to 1 initiative.

Program Rationale
Implementation Procedures
iPad Information for K-2 Families (includes recommended app's & iPad prices)

Order directly with Rosman Computers (password required to enter portal - please contact the school)
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