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2017 Tournament of Minds, Regional Champions

Meet our 2017 Tournament of Minds (ToM) team. Congratulations Jessie V, Nick O, Kataraina P, Bellana F, Bridget B, Yadin H and Lucas F for being crowned regional champions in the Engineering/Mathematics ToM Challenge! And now ... onto the State ToM Championships at UNSW.

Book Week 2017

Book Week 2017 was a lot of fun! The theme this year was "Escape to Everywhere" and a huge, creative effort was put into the costumes which everyone wore. The staff came dressed as characters from Harry Potter and wove some real magic into the day's literature based activities. Children came dressed as their favourite book characters and the school was awash with proud, beaming faces (parents as well as kids).

Click here to view our photo gallery.

Good Learning Choices

The K/1D class shows how clever they are by constructing a story, complete with illustrations, about making good learning choices on their iPads. Enjoy their movie!

Outdoor Learning Area

It's taken a lot of collaborative planning and designing over a 12 month period, but this week we opened our brand new outdoor learning area. And it's extraordinary!

It's full of all sorts of beautiful features, where children may explore, sit, play and learn. It's been designed around a mountains to the sea theme, to reflect the local environment in which we live. Classes have begun to use the space as an outdoor classroom and it's been a beacon for most children during lunch and recess breaks.

Looking After Your iPad by 2/3M

The kids from 2/3M have some important messages about looking after your iPad at school. Get the popcorn, sit back and enjoy their very creative and entertaining movie. Click here to watch it.

Caring for iPads

Students in 1/2C care a lot about their iPads. They've learnt how to keep their devices safe in busy learning spaces and when they're being transported to and from school. There are many important messages to be learned from 1/2C, so sit back and watch their video.

iPad Care

Students in 1/2F know how to look after their iPads. The devices are worth a lot to them (not just in monetary value, but mostly because kids cherish being able to use their devices in class every day and don't want to be without them). There are lots of important lessons to learn from these Stage 1 boys and girls, so sit back and enjoy their short video. Click here to watch it.

Masked Theatre Group

One of our 2016 enrichment groups was drama. Children created masks and came up with clever interpretations of how they might respond to a mystery box.

Click here to have a look at their dramatic work.

Playground Maker Space

We've been stockpiling fallen sticks and branches for a while and have now introduced a stick construction area in our playground. Kids have begun to build cubby houses and use their imaginations to toast marshmallows around campfires.


National Tree Day 2014

Planting new trees and maintaining existing ones is very important to us.  Our playground hosts a variety of bird species and other small, native animals. By looking after our trees, not only do we sustain a natural habitat for the birds and other animals, but we also do our bit to lessen the effects of global warming.

We recently celebrated National Tree Day with the assistance of staff from Wollongong Botanic Gardens. Together, we planted a new bush tucker garden, along with a feature garden outside the main school building.

Welcome to K/1B

Term 2 Week 8 -  Treehouse Project

The Environment Group


Mount Ousley Public School has an Environmental Group. We meet every Monday to discuss our ideas and look after the vegetables and the worm farm. Our teacher last term was Mr Pheeny. However, due to reasons unknown, Mr Pheeny stopped teaching the Environmental group. Our teacher now is Ms Walton.

Every student in Years 3-6 at Mount Ousley has access to an Apple laptop or iPad for use at school and home each day. The laptops and iPads provide students with a raft of opportunities, including being able to connect to the digitally based 21st century, developing ICT skills, learning creative, problem solving skills, having choice in learning, and experiencing a deeper level of engagement with their learning. Click on the following links to access documents relating to the 1 to 1 initiative.

Program Rationale
Implementation Procedures
iPad Information for K-2 Families (includes recommended app's & iPad prices)

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