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MOPS Minutes, Episode 5

MOPS FM is back! This week the crew has been busy getting the word out that it's definitely not okay to say things about girls that make them out to be lesser people than boys. We're all equal! They also conduct an interview with some Stage 3 students, reflecting on the recent visit by Sharon Bird MP, Federal Member for Cunningham. Have a look.

MOPS Minutes, Episode 4

MOPS Minutes, Episode 4 has interviews with students about junior choir and the district swimming carnival. The MOPS FM crew has once again put together a creative look at what's happening at our school. Hope you enjoy their creative work.

MOPS Minutes, Episode 3

MOPS Minutes, Episode 3. The MOPS FM crew interview Natalie before she heads off to the UN in New York, speak to Mrs Lieschke about Natalie's adventure and show you some of the Hotshots tennis action.

MOPS Minutes, Episode 2

MOPS Minutes, Episode 2. This week it's a sporting special, including exclusive footage from the MOPS swimming carnival.

MOPS Minutes, Episode 1

MOPS Minutes, Episode 1. The MOPS FM crew is back at it in 2014. This week they ask kids about the different things they like doing at school. Welcome Heath, Tahlia, Connor and Amber to the MOPS FM production crew.


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