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MOPS Creators, Episode 4

The creative team of Caitlyn, Zahra, Willow and Jay have put together the latest MOPS news bulletin. It features stories on the Brokers District athletics carnival, some research being done at our school with University of Wollongong, and our very own MOPS Olympics.

Click here to view episode 4.


Alina, Patrick, Jack and Bianca conduct interviews on the Stage 2 excursion to Royal National Park, student led conferences and Patrick's involvement in World's Greatest Shave. It's another fascinating and creative insight into what goes on at MOPS! 

Click here to watch the latest MOPS news.

Say No To Racism

Stage 3 students have been discussing one of the big issues in the world today ... racism. At our school, there's no place for any racist views, comments or actions. 5/6B have launched a campaign to stand up against racism, especially the racist attitudes so often directed toward the Muslim community in Australia and beyond. Our students want the world to know that any form of racism is simply not okay. We stand together in support of friendship, acceptance, inclusion and understanding.

Get behind our students' campaign. #SticksAndStones

Band Performance 30th May 2016

The new Mt Ousley School Band performed for the very first time to a packed house of adoring fans at afternoon assembly. Our ensemble includes around 30 students playing guitar, drums, bass, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, percussion and even banjo. Click here to watch them in action.

MOPS Creators Wk 6 Term 2 2016

Willow, Zara, Caitlyn and Jayden are the MOPS Creators and in this episode they conduct interviews about our sports gala day, enrichment groups and Walk Safely to School Day. Click here to enjoy the show!


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