Our Beliefs


We want our students to:


  • be happy and enjoy themselves at school
  • grow up to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners
  • value individuality and show empathy for others
  • take responsibility for their learning and be prepared to take risks
  • have respect for themselves and others
  • value each others' strengths and be tolerant of others' differences
  • have a positive self image and be proud of themselves and their community
  • grow up to be resilient and show independence 

Our classrooms are:

  • vibrant, supportive and fun
  • creative and innovative
  • collaborative and inclusive
  • connected with the world
  • relevant and well resourced
  • full of positive comments and attitudes
  • a place where teachers work and learn with children, and where teachers know and challenge their students
  • a place where having a go at things is valued

Technology is a vital part of our classrooms. We value 21st century technologies and use them:

  • in all facets of learning, as a valuable learning tool
  • to engage and motivate our students
  • to reinforce learning and deepen understandings
  • as part of the natural fabric of our classrooms

Our students are taught to use technology in a responsible and appropriate way, and to be considerate of others.