The Environment Group


Mount Ousley Public School has an Environmental Group. We meet every Monday to discuss our ideas and look after the vegetables and the worm farm. Our teacher last term was Mr Pheeny. However, due to reasons unknown, Mr Pheeny stopped teaching the Environmental group. Our teacher now is Ms Walton.

We have a vegetable garden that was started by Mr Barrett and his 2/3 class last year. However, it grew out of hand (or out of garden) during the period of time in which nobody looked after it. This year we watered it, weeded it and planted new vegetables to replace those that had died.

The Environmental Group also started a worm farm. We put food scraps in it every Monday afternoon.

We had a compost bin that we put food scraps in until we realised that if we kept putting things in, we wouldn’t be able to use the fertiliser at the bottom. So now we have two bins; one is a working compost that we already filled and left to break down, while the other one is where we put our food scraps from lunch, recess or Crunch and Sip.

The Environmental Group is organising fundraisers to buy new equipment. We are also talking about what we can do to improve the school.

The Environmental Group sometimes makes us tired, but it is ever boring!

Written by Xinong, Kane & Jordan