The Year Ahead

Happy new year to all! 

As we prepare to welcome a new group of students, our 2018 Kindergarten class, it’s interesting to pause and consider what lies ahead for them. What might the world be like when these children reach Year 12? It’ll be 2030 when this group graduates from high school and heads off to university or to a job somewhere. Surely, the world as we know it will be unrecognisable in so many ways.

So how do we as a school, as a community, prepare kids for a future that is largely unknown? The simple answer is that we prepare them for life, regardless of what the future may look like. 

Let’s look the other way for a moment to what the world looked like 13 years ago. The year was 2005. Classrooms still had chalkboards and perhaps only a couple of desktop computers, and no-one was talking about STEM, flexible learning spaces or even NAPLAN. Widespread social media like Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist. There was no such thing as a smart phone or an iPad; the iPhone wouldn’t be launched for another couple of years and when it eventually hit the market, it transformed the way we all went about our daily lives in previously unimaginable ways.

In the same way that we couldn’t predict what lay ahead back in 2005, there’s no way on Earth we can possibly predict now what 2030 might bring. We can say with certainty though, that people who are passionate about learning, and know how to learn and how to think, will be in high demand. People who are flexible and adaptable, resilient and determined, creative and innovative, collaborative and socially astute, and those who are committed to lifelong learning, will be well placed in 2030. 

These are the skills we focus on here at MOPS. These are the skills that give students an advantage now and into the future. These are life skills.

And for each of our returning students who come to school every day wanting to learn, excited by learning, unafraid to make mistakes, curious to ask questions and search for answers, and wanting to push themselves well beyond their comfort zones, the future is indeed promising. The challenges of any future world will be met with a growth mindset and inevitable success.

A commitment to learning is one of the most important qualities a student can possess. As such, to work hard and strive to excel is an important part of our ideal. But more than anything else, to love learning is what we truly seek to nurture in every student. The 2018 school year will be full of opportunities to embrace learning, make mistakes, grow as critical and creative thinkers, and develop as responsible, empathetic citizens. Let the fun begin …