The Year Ahead

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year! We welcome new staff and new families to our school community, and together look forward to the year ahead. In 2017 we will continue to be the “small school where big things happen”.

Our clear and deliberate focus on literacy and numeracy is strengthened, and underpinned by an equally strong focus on wellbeing. Our very strong belief is that when social, emotional, and physical needs of children are addressed, deep and meaningful learning can and does occur. And when that wellbeing focus sits alongside a well considered, student centred approach to learning, we know that truly magical learning opportunities will be embraced.

A large part of our investment as a school continues to be in the development of teaching practice. Research consistently tells us that the quality of teaching is the single biggest factor in schools that impacts on the growth of student learning. We therefore invest heavily in our teachers.

Time has been allocated for teachers to collaborate with one another, sharing best practice and challenging each other to always do better. Learning projects across our community of schools have been planned to extend collaboration and learning beyond our own school. Great attention has been paid to what we need to do as individuals and as a collective. Professional learning has been planned around this analysis.

Many of the initiatives we’re undertaking are laid out in our school plan.

We’ll be continuing to develop our relationship with Apple, gaining support for constructing and publishing student iBooks (keep an eye out for our first ones due to be published really soon), learning the thinking skills that lie behind coding, and exploring other ways we can push boundaries in learning.

A great deal of work has been done over the holidays to improve and streamline the management of our 1:1 devices. This year we expect the connectivity of iPads to be much improved and this of course will greatly enhance learning.

Our brand new outdoor learning area is almost ready for use and this will add enormous flexibility to the way we do things. Our indoor learning spaces will also continue to be upgraded, providing greater flexibility with how classroom routines are organised.

Ours is a school where people matter. The relationships that exist define the ethos of our school; a deeply caring, trusting, respectful and innovative place, where people choose to come and where dreams are realised.

The educational adventure is about to begin for 2017 and we’re so pleased that each and every one of you is here to enjoy the journey with us. Let the fun and the hard work begin!