Who We Are

It’s been close on ten years now since our school community developed the Mount Ousley Dignity and Respect Charter. It’s an important document and one which we proudly display around the school. It represents who we are and what we believe. It can be viewed here.

The Charter is based on our core values, defining the kind of school we wish to be. And even though the document is almost a decade old, it’s still very much current!

The Charter sets out expectations of behaviour for everyone who enters onto our school site. It requires everyone (parents, community members and staff) to always speak and act in ways that represent positive role modelling for students.

It all boils down to one basic premise: to treat others with the dignity and respect that we would like to receive ourselves.

There is never an excuse for intimidating, hostile or hurtful behaviour of any sort. Those behaviours and attitudes are unacceptable within our school. It fills me with great pride knowing that Mount Ousley is a place where inclusion, empathy and kindness reign. 

Thank you for each doing your bit in adhering to our Charter and if necessary, insisting that others reflect on their behavioural responsibilities. The collective actions of each and every one of us help to create the beautifully nurturing environment we seek for our students.