Looking Back on 2017

This week the school executive had cause to reflect on some of Mount Ousley’s 2017 achievements … and there’s a great deal to be proud of.

As an acknowledgement of the teaching and learning programs on offer at our school, Neil Bramsen’s success in being awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize for Primary Science Teaching was an absolute standout.

In numeracy, we achieved record NAPLAN growth across years 3-5 and years 5-7, with 85% and 81% of students respectively meeting or exceeding nationally expected growth. The growth in numeracy learning for many students was through the roof!

All teaching staff gained certification as Apple Teachers and Tiffany Sinton became the third current staff member to be inducted as an Apple Distinguished Educator.

We further developed links with the University of Wollongong, Apple and leading educators around the world, all of which contributed to improved student learning outcomes.

We continued to develop flexible learning spaces, and in particular, opened our treasured outdoor learning area.

We found ways to extend our ethos of future focused teaching and learning, through the expansion of structures which promoted student choice, student reflection, growth mindset, self-regulating learning behaviours, critical and creative thinking, and inquiry based learning.

Like all schools, our achievements stretched across a broad range of areas, including those listed above. And all of this occurred within a school culture, in which trust and mutual respect are the cornerstones of every interaction.

Importantly, data gleaned from a survey of the school community in late 2017 indicated parents value highly what we do in the domains of learning, teaching and school culture, in the same way that staff do.

With a set of closely aligned values, an innovative mindset, and a desire to support every student to attain their personal best, 2018 is shaping to be another extraordinary year of achievement!