Off to a Great Start!

The 2018 school year has begun and we’re off to a flying start. The first week is behind us, classes are formed and everything’s in place for another super year!

Enrolments are once again strong, with many new families joining our school community. Welcome to everyone! As I reflect on an extremely busy week, without a doubt the most outstanding feature of our school is the happy, cohesive culture we have. Everywhere you look, it’s visible!

It is a joy to come to MOPS each day and witness the kindness shown by children, feel the energy of staff excited to be back at work and hear the laughs of parents milling around the school. It truly is an amazing place to be!

Children are clearly happy to be back at school and there’s a warmth you can feel when passing from class to class. Some may think we’re lucky to have such a positive and genuinely happy ethos but the reality is that it does not happen accidentally.

A school culture like ours occurs because people care. They care deeply. Our school is focused on people and is built on relationships of trust and mutual respect.

Ours is a school community in which the values and actions of families are pivotal to our success. Families support the school to deliver the best for their children. Families care about what goes on at school and want to give kids the best advantage in life they can.

Add to the mix an exceptional staff and you have the recipe for success! The staff at Mount Ousley is forward thinking, hard working, reflective and incredibly talented. But most importantly, the staff is full of extraordinarily caring individuals.

Within our school community we all work together to make great things happen.

If you’re new to our school, thank you for joining us and please make the most of the experience. Whether it’s by helping out in the canteen, volunteering to be a reading helper, attending our P&C meetings or by responding to various requests for assistance, find your niche. Figure out the best ways that you can help and make a difference. Your contributions will not only benefit your own child’s educational success; they’ll be helping others in our school as well.

Thanks for your support. It’s shaping up to be another tremendous year!