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Year 6 Farewell Slideshow

If you would like to step back in time and see the 2013 Year 6 grow up all over again, here's a fun little video.


Year 6 Farewell

A note is going home this week with some more info about the farewell organisation and Bunnings BBQ.  We are still missing a few things for the BBQ, so if you can help let Mr Mercer or Michelle Brown know. The final organisational meeting is on Monday, 2 December for those who would like to attend.


Year 6

Year 6 Fundraiser

This week we've started our latest Year 6 Fundraiser. As well as having the chocolate drive running, we are now selling ice blocks at lunch time. They are 50 cents each  and are already selling fast. With some more warm weather coming up we'll be raising a lot of money!


Year 6

Term 4

We're back for our final term at MOPS and we're going to make it the best one yet! This term we will be looking into....GOLD! This is a great topic as we get to have a really good look at some Australian history, Indigenous history and also people from other cultures who came to Australia during the gold rush. We'll also be coninuing with our science from last term, but taking a broader look at 'energy', not just electricity.

We've also got lots of other fun stuff planned like fundraising, a sports gala day and the Year 6 Farewell. It's going to be busy, but it will be awesome!

Term 3

Year 6 is back again for term 3! This term we are getting stuck in to learning about Antarctica. Some of us already know a little bit, but by the end of term we will all know lots! We are also going to learn about how electricity works. It's a little bit tricky, but we should be able to understand how it is generated, stored and how it makes electronic things work by the end of the term.

Sounds like fun!

Year 6


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