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Our Tawny Frogmouth family.

Tawny Frogmouths -Mt Ousley PS

For the last few years a family of Tawny Frogmouth birds (yes birds, they are not owls) have returned to the school grounds around the carpark. The birds popped back up a couple of weeks ago and were spotted by some eagle eyed year 5 students.

Keep your eye out and remember that they hide themselves very well!

Kindergarten Twilight Concert

Thanks to those students that brought in supplies for our 'rocket jet packs!' A big thanks also to Hendrix's mum Yasmin who helped to make and customise each pack.

Remember that the show starts at 5pm on Tuesday. Please ensure that children are dressed in one complete colour e.g. white shirt and white pants, black pants and black shirt. No school uniforms please.

See you on the night!

Research Group and Birds in Backyards

Last week we had a special visit from Holly Parsons, manager of Birdlife Australia's Birds in Backyards project. Holly brought in a  display of birds including a magnificent powerful owl, koel, a pardolate and sea eagle eggs. She talked about human impacts on birds, especially the sea eagles on the Parramatta river.

LEGO Robotics

Last week we had a visit from Ben Low who volunteered to bring in a LEGO First Lego League challenge display. Haydn Low helped to build and program the robot which had to complete a number of tasks as a part of the "Nature's Fury" challenge.

Robotics, research group and other interested students shared in Haydn's presentation and were impressed by the maths, engineering and problem solving skills required to complete the project.

Thanks to Ben, Haydn and Ashton Low for their support!

Kindergarten iPhoto Book - pdf

We are very excited to have made our first iPhoto book to share with parents and friends. The full colour hardcover book will be in the classroom for viewing next week before entering the library with soon to be published titles from other classes.

I've made available a link to a pdf file of the book, its a big download at 270MB but this is required to maintain quality should you decide to print it.


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