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Assembly Item and Twilight Concert

It is K1's assembly item next Monday! We would like to welcome all parents to come and watch our play. If you could please bring in costumes this week (bringing them in on the day is fine) that would be greatly appreciated.

We have been learning a new dance to Katy Perry's Roar the past few weeks. It will be for our Twilight Concert performance and it is looking fantastic! Riley our dance teacher and Penny have been putting in many hours out of their time to help us and a note will be sent home asking for a small donation for a present for these two. 

K1 Term 4 Update!

Wow things are really heating up this term! Busy , busy, busy.

At the moment we are learning about weather and all the different patterns, systems and seasons that go along with it! We are looking at other cultures' celebrations and how they differ from the way we celebrate things. In maths we are learning to make equal groups and trying to figure out why this is important for us to know right now! The Engine Room is still pumping with students really improving in both their reading and writing.

School Swimming Scheme Notes (Years 2-4)

Just a friendly reminder that all School Swimming Scheme notes and money need to be handed in by this Friday 10th of October! Please try to hand these in ASAP to ensure your child gets a spot in the scheme!

The Scheme starts Next Monday and lasts for 2 weeks.

Thanks for your time!

Mr Dixon

Welcome Back K1!

Welcome back to the final and busiest term of the year K1!

I'm looking forward to another exciting term and can't wait to get straight back into our work. We have our Twilight Concert coming up at the end of the year and will start practising as soon as possible. We will be singing Katy Perry's: Roar and if you would like to practise it at home feel free to do so!

Enjoy your last term of 2014 K1!

Mr Dixon

K1 Update!!!

Sorry for the lack of recent posts! It's been busy busy busy!

This term is flying through and the holidays are approaching soon! The students have been focusing on peer reflection and quality conversation recently and it has been great to see them converse with their peers in a mature way in both Maths and English. They are beginning to feel more comfortable in discussing their feelings towards their learning and they love hearing the feedback that other students give to them. 


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