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Research Group Presentation Fri 14 Dec. -Project Based Learning

Research group came to a hands-on end for the year with a sharing session for parents, staff and fellow students. Based on activities completed throughout the year students presented on the Ebb and Flow satellites from GRAIL MoonKAM, water bottle rocketry and LEGO Mindstorm NXT Robotics. Students also completed exit interviews and robotics was certainly identified as a rewarding and challenging area, especially the programming required to complete tasks. We also Skyped and shared with Northland Prep.

MOPS Rocketry Club - MOPS Mission 2

This term saw another nine students join the MOPS Rocket Club for Mission 2. Students again explored the physics and design of rockets and built Estes Alpha 11 model rockets flying A8-3 engines. Again we got some great height and windy conditions have left a few adorning trees around the school. Lots of fun was had by all!


A full range of pictures are found here.

Scientists in Schools (SiS) Partnerships

Earlier this term MOPS joined the Scientists in Schools program that encourages working scientists to partner with schools and provide long term mentoring and support through presentations, visits and projects.

We are fortunate to have been teamed up with two scientists keen to work with primary students.

Research Group Wrap and Presentation Session Fri 14 Dec.

Next Friday 14 Dec between 1:00 and 1:50 in the old hall, parents are welcome to join us as we share our learning -  rockets, space and robotics. 

Web Resources

We've been using the following web sites to support the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy aspects. You may find them helpful for fun and revision... or even new concepts!

Woodlands Jnr

Count Me In Too

Copacabana Get Smart


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