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Happy holidays!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas and New Year! I hope every student has a great holiday break and returns happy and healthy in 2014. Enjoy this Christmas message from Zach and Will: http://mtousley.smugmug.com/Holidays/Merry-Christmas/35471677_nGCB6g#!i=2977596813&k=XmbQDrL

Kind regards,

Miss Khoury

Class Party 3/4K

Welcome to week 10!

We are very excited to celebrate a wonderful year of learning with a class party on Wednesday the 18th of December. Pizza will be supplied but we would like everyone to bring a small plate of food or drinks to help with our celebrations.

I have sent a note home with each student, with the words drink, sweet or savoury snack to bring. Only one plate or one bottle of drink per child is required. 

Thank you for your contribution in advance and I am looking forward to having a great time celebrating with the class.

Dunk the Junk Food

I am so excited about the amazing street art students in 3/4K have been creating. As part of our collaborations with Dunk the Junk Food, students have been thinking about healthy eating and the reasons behind junk food advertising. As well as tweeting Dunk the Junk Food, we have sent them pictures of our street art creations.

One of our pieces of art has been published by Dunk the Junk Food on their photo gallery page!

Check it out here: http://www.dunkthejunk.org/photos/


Our Class Book

I am very excited to say that our class book has been published! Alina, Tuqa and Zach are the proud authors and illustrators of Stories from 3/4K. A  copy of the book will soon be available to borrow from our library. You can download and view the book at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ycbotxt6g62341n/Stories%20from%203%3A4K.pdf

Enjoy reading!

This week in 3/4K

Welcome to week 7!

Students in 3/4K have been busy creating street art designs about eating healthy foods. Take a look at some of our works in progress!

In Science, we are enjoying learning all about materials in the world. Students tested the absorbency of different types of materials and found that tissue and fabric were the most absorbent. We have been discussing variables in an experiment and the effect they have on the outcome.


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