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Hi all,

Due to unforseen circumstances our assembly item has been postponed. I will be at an important course next monday so it has been postponed to Monday week 10 (9/12/13). Sorry for any inconveniance.

Thank You

Mr Dixon

Week 7

We really are flying through the weeks this term!

We have made an iPhoto Book about some of the favourite things we do with our families. I have purchased this today and it will hopefully arrive in the next few weeks. Only one hardcopy has been purchased but if you click the link below you can view it as a PDF version. 

Our assembly item is on in week 9 and all are welcome to come and watch. 

Here is the link for our iPhoto Book. I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back 1/2! Sorry for the late start but it has been a busy 2 weeks! 

This term is shaping up to be massive and I'm excited. We are doing a Science unit this term all about chemical sciences in foods. We are focusing on an Aboriginal text in English and doing some really exciting things with the laptops, iPads and Twitter. Maths will continue on from last term.

At the end of term will be the school concert with 1/2 singing Drops of Jupiter by Train for our item. If any parents have any costume ideas or designs, I'm all ears (I need all the help I can get!).

Week 10!

WOW! What a busy term!

Last week we had an amazing time at Killalea State Park. We went fishing for insects, went bird watching and made a Gunya (an aboriginal shelter) in the rainforest. I will upload the photos this week.

Week 10 is another action packed one with our K-2 presentations on Wednesday (showing off all the cool things we have been doing with technology), gymsports on both Thursday and Friday and holidays next week! 

Week 7

Halfway through another busy week! This week we have been looking more at poetry in English and have created our very own poems that we will publish. In Maths we have been focusing on collecting data and showcasing this data in graphs. We are having a lot of fun with the iPads and laptops in reading groups and I am really looking forward to seeing some personal artifacts that the students have brought in this week.

Here are some useful sites/apps you might want to use at h0me for any extra homework.


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