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APJB MOPS Crew Term 4 2016

The crew is back, this time talking about our recent Obstacool day, when the playground was turned into a giant obstacle course. Everyone had a great time and some students were interviewed to share their thoughts on the day. Watch the latest MOPS FM episode here!

MOPS Creators Episode 5

Willow, Zahra, Caitlyn and Jay come together to tell you in the most creative ways about the Premier's Debating Challenge, the NSW Spelling Bee and the introduction of a dress into our school uniform. This episode is not to be missed!

Click here to watch the video.

APJB MOPS Crew Term 3 2016

Wait 'til you see what Alina, Patrick, Jack and Bianca have put together this time! They have interviews on the Stage 3 excursion to Canberra, Southern Stars and enrichment groups. Congratulations to everyone involved; it's great to be able to share the wonderful experiences everyone has at MOPS.

Click here to watch the APJB Crew.

MOPS Creators, Episode 4

The creative team of Caitlyn, Zahra, Willow and Jay have put together the latest MOPS news bulletin. It features stories on the Brokers District athletics carnival, some research being done at our school with University of Wollongong, and our very own MOPS Olympics.

Click here to view episode 4.


Alina, Patrick, Jack and Bianca conduct interviews on the Stage 2 excursion to Royal National Park, student led conferences and Patrick's involvement in World's Greatest Shave. It's another fascinating and creative insight into what goes on at MOPS! 

Click here to watch the latest MOPS news.


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