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MOPS Pros, Episode 4

Mandela, Mal, Jemimah and Nick are back for Episode 4 of the Mops Pros. This week they've prepared stories about orienteering, Obstacool and Stage 1's Blue Mile excursion.

Hope you enjoy this episode!

1/2C Assembly Item

The 1/2C class performed a series of mimes at assembly this week.

Can you pick which fairy tales they mimed?

Click here to view a recording of their inspiring performance.

Kindergarten Assembly Item

Kindergarten students have learnt the protocols about taking photos of others. They made their own song about it called "Ask First, Check After".

Kindergarten also wonder about all sorts of things! In this video they are scientists and artists, investigating pine cones and shadows.

MOPS Legends, Episode 5

Rupert, Flynn, Yadin and Tien are back to entertain and inform you. In this episode they cover the Instrumental Festival, Deadly awards and school swimming scheme. There's also some breaking news about a special science award involving one of our teachers and the Prime Minister!

Click here to watch the latest news.

K/1D Assembly Item

K/1D presented a performance at assembly on friendship and all of the important things about it.

Click here to watch our little stars in action.



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