Meet the Staff

2017 Staff

Principal: Mr Peter Holmes

Assistant Principals: Mr Neil Bramsen, Ms Tiffany Sinton

Class Teachers: Ms Tiffany Sinton, Mrs Suzy Duncan, Miss Felicity Fitzpatrick, Mr Nathan Couchman, Mrs Kloe Millet, Mrs Wendy Myers, Mrs Sally Anderson, Mrs Ricki Hart, Miss Chloe Sturzenbecher, Miss Laura Shorter, Miss Savanna Brule, Mrs Susie Hamers
Support Teacher: Mrs Leanne Blanche

School Counsellor: Mrs Sue Bromham

Student Learning Support Officers: Mrs Liz Murphy, Mrs Penny Higgins, Mrs Leanne Fowler, Mrs Rani Ricardo

School Admin Manager: Mrs Vanessa Honey

School Admin Officer: Mrs Natalie Magyar

Cleaner: Mrs Connie Crapis

General Assistant: Mr Gareth Quin

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