Hall of Fame

State Athletics Competitors

 Congratulations to Emma, Will and Josh who each represented our school in athletics at the state championships at Homebush. An extraordinary achievement!

Premier's Spelling Bee

 Congratulations to our champion spellers: Ken and Alina in Stage 2, and Tahlia and Connor in Stage 3.

Tournament of Minds

 Congratulations to Taya, Tuqa, Maggie, Riley, Kiara, Tim and Julian who represented our school in Tournament of Minds (TOM). Our team travelled to Oak Flats where they competed against other schools from around the Illawarra, responding to theatrical challenges, both planned and improvised. Congratulations to all involved!

Regional Sports Rep & AG Class Participant

Congratulations to Aidan for being selected in the regional PSSA squads for both cricket and soccer. Aidan balances his outstanding sporting achievements with a second year of involvement in the Illawarra Academically Gifted Class. Aidan was also selected as captain of the regional cricket team, which speaks volumes for his leadership skills. We're very proud!


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