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What NAPLAN Does & Doesn't Test

2014 NAPLAN results for students in Years 3 and 5 were sent home this week. Some children have received outstanding results, while others may be disappointed. Let's put NAPLAN into perspective; it's one assessment on one particular day that tests a limited number of key aspects of learning, and there are numerous variables which impact on performance.

Publishing Student Names & Photos

Why do we like to publish student names and photographs online? There are many reasons.

So Very Proud!

Many people outside teaching will never quite understand the work that has to fit into a teacher's day. The planning and preparation of lessons, the location and preparation of resources, and the marking of work and provision of feedback consume hours on a daily basis. But really, that's just the start.

Change Is On The Way

Change ... it's something we've all grown accustomed to, in a world where nothing seems to stay the same for too long. Change occurs in every aspect of our lives. It has become a constant in the ways we interact with each other and the world around us, and it only ever keeps getting faster. It's natural then to expect that change should occur in education and that it should continually reshape the way that education is delivered.


Trust is central to any successful relationship. It doesn't matter whether we're talking about families, friendships or relationships at work. As soon as we lose trust in someone, we have a relationship that simply can't work effectively. Trust, therefore, is something we work hard to maintain and build in every aspect of our lives.


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