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An Amazing Kindergarten Experience

Today I witnessed the most amazing learning occurring in Kindergarten. Our five year olds are now identifying the various things they want or need to learn about. Each day they have time to work with a partner and learn together how to do something they're unsure of. It may be writing a sentence, learning to spell a particular word, learning a new sound, ordering numbers on a number line, correctly writing numbers, recognising shapes, or doing any one of a hundred and one other things.

Additional Support For Kids

With the introduction of the initial stages of Gonski funding to schools, wonderful things are happening that would otherwise be nigh on impossible. We, like all other schools, find ourselves in a position where we are now better able to support the learning needs of students.

NAPLAN in Perspective

It's that time of the year again! This week, students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 across the country will sit NAPLAN tests in various aspects of literacy and numeracy. Some students will do extraordinarily well, while others will not achieve the grades we wished they might. Whatever the result, there's one very important thing to remember.

How Schools Are Now Funded

Schools like ours that took part in the Empowering Local Schools National Partnership (a total of 229 schools across NSW) are now funded entirely by the NSW State Government using the Resource Allocation Model (RAM). Eventually, all NSW public schools will be funded in the same way.

The Great Ideas Just Keep Coming

Children from each class represent their peers at Student Representative Council (SRC) meetings. Meetings are held with teachers to allow kids from Kindergarten to Year 6 to share ideas that may be of benefit to the school. At our most recent meeting, we were inundated with ideas, many of which will be implemented.

Year 6 had a swag of ideas to fundraise for end of year functions and a Year 6 gift to the school. Keep an eye out for discos and movie nights, coming soon.

Someone else wanted playground markings and drawings to be repainted and we'll see that occurring soon.


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