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What Makes Us Innovative?

You could look at the pioneering 1:1 laptop program, in place well before it was common, popular, or even supported. The program that ensures our school respects and mirrors realities of the modern world and puts powerful learning tools at the fingertips of its students. Tools that allow them to connect to the world and sample it, converse with it, understand it and seek to change it. But that’s not what makes us innovative.

Above and Beyond

For as long as I've known, teachers have gone out of their way to provide the very best experiences for students. The Mt Ousley staff is no exception to that.

This week Neil Bramsen, Savanna Brule and Laura Shorter will say goodbye to their families for two nights to accompany Stage 3 students on their excursion to Berry Sport and Recreation Centre. It's certainly no holiday for the teachers with supervision typically starting at 7am and not finishing until about 10pm.

NAPLAN Results

Mt Ousley's 2015 NAPLAN results are extremely pleasing. In almost every area our students are performing either above or well above the state and national averages. Importantly, this is also the case in student growth, where academic growth is tracked from Year 3 to Year 5 in NAPLAN.

The World Is Changing

In Australia, we regularly hear about the focus that many South East Asian education systems place on the acquisition of high test scores, at the expense of meaningful and rich learning experiences. Typically, countries like Singapore, Japan and South Korea, as well as the city of Shanghai, score very highly on international tests in literacy, numeracy and science. Many suggest this is because these educational jurisdictions largely teach to the test and spend long hours coaching students to remember by rote.

Creative Play

Our playground is changing! We've been stockpiling fallen sticks and branches for a while and have now introduced a stick construction area. Children have begun to build cubby houses and use their imaginations to toast marshmallows around campfires. It's beautiful watching the creative, collaborative play. Have a look at some of the things that have been made so far.


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