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The World Is Changing

In Australia, we regularly hear about the focus that many South East Asian education systems place on the acquisition of high test scores, at the expense of meaningful and rich learning experiences. Typically, countries like Singapore, Japan and South Korea, as well as the city of Shanghai, score very highly on international tests in literacy, numeracy and science. Many suggest this is because these educational jurisdictions largely teach to the test and spend long hours coaching students to remember by rote.

Creative Play

Our playground is changing! We've been stockpiling fallen sticks and branches for a while and have now introduced a stick construction area. Children have begun to build cubby houses and use their imaginations to toast marshmallows around campfires. It's beautiful watching the creative, collaborative play. Have a look at some of the things that have been made so far.

Flexible Learning Spaces

There's a growing body of educational research indicating that student learning outcomes improve when children have greater opportunities to collaborate and when children are more comfortable.

Obviously, sitting at traditional desks for much of the day limits the amount of collaborative activity that can occur in a classroom. Similarly, sitting in hard plastic chairs for most of the day doesn't lend itself to comfort. Just try it!

An Amazing Kindergarten Experience

Today I witnessed the most amazing learning occurring in Kindergarten. Our five year olds are now identifying the various things they want or need to learn about. Each day they have time to work with a partner and learn together how to do something they're unsure of. It may be writing a sentence, learning to spell a particular word, learning a new sound, ordering numbers on a number line, correctly writing numbers, recognising shapes, or doing any one of a hundred and one other things.

Additional Support For Kids

With the introduction of the initial stages of Gonski funding to schools, wonderful things are happening that would otherwise be nigh on impossible. We, like all other schools, find ourselves in a position where we are now better able to support the learning needs of students.


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