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Student Led Conferencing

Student led conferences will be conducted in June and will supplement mid year written reports. But why are we introducing the conferences?

One of the school's 3 strategic directions is to implement world's best teaching and learning practices. Underpinning so much of what we do in this domain is the need for students to be actively involved in their own learning. We want children to take ownership of what they do at school and constantly reflect on their learning.

NAPLAN Reflections

In a couple of weeks students in Years 3 and 5 will sit the NAPLAN tests. While these assessments can provide some data on how children are faring in literacy and numeracy, the data is limited and can actually be misleading.

Let's take the writing assessment, for example. Ask yourself what writing skills you believe are important for assessing the ability of young writers. Sure, writing well-structured texts with at least a reasonable level of spelling accuracy is important, but of course there's so much more than that to being a proficient writer.

Why Have Multi-Aged Classes?

The notion of grouping children together in classes based on age had its origins in Australia when public education first started over 150 years ago. It made sense back then because it was easiest to teach any particular age group the same thing at the same time. 

Student Autonomy

These days in education, the things we teach kids are far reaching. In addition to learning important things like basic literacy and numeracy skills, there's also a strong focus on thinking and social/emotional skills.

Covering the Basics

Mt Ousley is a school of learning, where it just happens that technology is used a lot. We are not, however, a technology school, nor do we ever wish to be recognised as such.

Sometimes I am asked if we still cover the basics, given that we tend to use iPads and laptops a fair bit. The answer is emphatically yes, of course we do!

So where is the evidence?


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