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It's All About the People

We use a lot of technology at Mount Ousley. But that doesn’t mean for a single moment that we’re a technology focused school. We are not.

In fact, we have two simple focuses that underpin everything we do: people and learning. Everything else is of secondary importance.

Our school is a people place. It’s a place that we want everyone to feel genuinely connected to. It’s a place where every child is nurtured to feel they belong; to know that this school is a place for them. We are a school where relationships and wellbeing matter more than anything else.

External Validation & What It Says About Us

Our school was externally validated last week. An independent team from the Department of Education’s High Performance Unit required evidence (volumes and volumes of it in fact) to show that what we are doing in the areas of learning, teaching and leading at Mt Ousley, is measurably impacting on student learning in the most positive ways.

This One's For the Staff

A school is so much more than a physical site with classrooms, play areas and a lot of Apple devices. A school is actually the people who are in it; the students, parents and staff.

The success of a school should never be determined by test scores alone. A more lasting and accurate measure of success is the relationships that are nurtured, because without these, a school is really no different to any factory churning out identical products in the most efficient, controlled way.

Student Achievement

Mount Ousley, like many other primary schools, has a relentless focus on improving student achievement. This occurs through a wide range of structures that continually improve teaching and allow students to take increasingly greater responsibility for their learning.

Social Inclusion

Social inclusion is one of the most important values we teach. The knowledge that others care about us and the secure feeling we gain from being supported, respected and included, lie at the heart of a person’s positive wellbeing. Indeed, they lie at the heart of a decent society.

If one’s self-esteem suffers from the hurtful or unthoughtful actions of others, or if we’re confronted by harsh challenges in life, it is of course so much harder to function effectively and be a productive participant in all that life has to offer.


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