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Voluntary Contributions

School voluntary contributions are asked of every family on an annual basis.  The fee set by our school's P&C is $20 for one child or $30 per family.  The money assists us to purchase some of the many consumables we use on a daily basis: pencils, pens, rulers, exercise books, glue sticks, paint, whiteboard markers, photocopier paper, toilet paper, etc.

1 to 1 Laptop Bundles


Great Teaching, Inspired Learning


Empowering Local Schools

MOPS is one of 229 NSW schools participating in the Empowering Local Schools National Partnership (ELSNP). It is a federally funded trial aimed at schools having increased autonomy in making local decisions.  It is different from the NSW Government's Local Schools Local Decisions (LSLD) initiative, which affects every NSW public school.  LSLD, like ELSNP, allows schools to have a greater say in their organisation and management.

Apple Distinguished School

We were recently recognised as an Apple Distinguished School and it's a great honour.  Not because it has anything to do with the Apple product, but rather, because the excellent work done by teachers and students over a long period of time has been acknowledged.  Only four schools in NSW have received this accolade and MOPS is the only public school.  It says a lot about our school.


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