Canberra Camp

Hi everyone,

Our four-day camp in Canberra is just around the corner! I know that both myself and the rest of Stage 3 couldn't be more excited. A number of notes have been going home with your children detailing what to bring, what to expect and general medical information - if for any reason you need another copy of these notes, feel free to contact me at school. The main information to remember is:

  • Buses will be departing from school at 6:45am, so students must be at school by 6:30am. Please don't be late! We have venue bookings for the rest of the day, so we need to be leaving right on time. 
  • All food will be provided for the students for the duration of the camp, except for the first lunch break (as we will be on the road to Canberra). Please bring lunch/crunch and sip for the first day in a small backpack that kids can take on the bus with them. 
  • Looking at the weather forecast for next week, it's going to be cold. With predicted minimum temperatures of 5 degrees and maximums of 15 degrees, the students are going to need adequate warm clothing (particularly at night!) for the trip.

That's about all for now - see you bright and early on Monday morning!

Miss Savanna Brule

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