Why Have Multi-Aged Classes?

The notion of grouping children together in classes based on age had its origins in Australia when public education first started over 150 years ago. It made sense back then because it was easiest to teach any particular age group the same thing at the same time. 

iPad Apps

Hello everyone! A couple of people have asked me for a more detailed list of apps we will be using in 1/2F this year. Below are some of the apps we will be using regularly.

Free apps we’d like you to install are as follows:

Google Drive

Google Chrome

TouchCast Studio



Apps which have a cost are as follows:

Explain Everything

Book Creator 


Quick Maths




Miss Fitzpatrick

New Year, New Learning!

Welcome back everyone!

I am so excited to be working with the wonderful Stage 3 once again. In just a short amount of time, I can already see that 5/6B is full of creative, inventive and enthusiastic minds - which makes me really eager to get into the year ahead! There are so many activities and events on the horizon, but for now, let's start by having a look at what to expect in Term 1:

Welcome Back to MOPS 2016


We are very excited to be teaching your children this year. We have a wonderful class of 28 students. I will be teaching Monday to Thursday and Mrs Hart will be teaching every Friday.

Welcome to 2016

Well, school is IN!

Welcome back to MOPS for 2016. I would also like to welcome a few new families to our school, and our little class!

The students have settled back into class really well. Lots of new and shiny iPads are coming into the room, and the students are really excited to be using their machines day to day!


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