Canberra Camp

Hi everyone,

Our four-day camp in Canberra is just around the corner! I know that both myself and the rest of Stage 3 couldn't be more excited. A number of notes have been going home with your children detailing what to bring, what to expect and general medical information - if for any reason you need another copy of these notes, feel free to contact me at school. The main information to remember is:

Student Achievement

Mount Ousley, like many other primary schools, has a relentless focus on improving student achievement. This occurs through a wide range of structures that continually improve teaching and allow students to take increasingly greater responsibility for their learning.

Social Inclusion

Social inclusion is one of the most important values we teach. The knowledge that others care about us and the secure feeling we gain from being supported, respected and included, lie at the heart of a person’s positive wellbeing. Indeed, they lie at the heart of a decent society.

If one’s self-esteem suffers from the hurtful or unthoughtful actions of others, or if we’re confronted by harsh challenges in life, it is of course so much harder to function effectively and be a productive participant in all that life has to offer.

Term 3


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. The kids are certainly excited to be back at school and keen for a new term of learning.

This term the kids will be covering a range of topics in maths but over the next week we will be focusing on patterns and algebra and position.  A lot of the maths we are doing this term will relate to the Rio Olympics.

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Hi everyone,

1/2F will be letting you know all the fantastic things we are up to on our class Seesaw & Twitter pages from now on. This will be the last blog post on this page. Feel free to follow us on Twitter (@12Fabulous) or talk to me to get access to our Seesaw page.


Miss Fitzpatrick


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