Just a couple of reminders for our laptop families. Please remember to:

• Back-up your laptop once a week
• Check for software updates once a week
• Bring your logbook to school everyday with your computer
• Keep your laptop clean by dusting it with an appropriate soft cloth. Do not spray the laptop with any liquid.

K/1 Science Centre Excursion

K/1B and K/1 S had a fun and engaging excursion to the Wollongong Science Centre and Planetarium last Tuesday. The students watched a colourful laser show with well known songs in the planetarium before enjoying the hands-on and interactive exhibits in the upper and lower science hall. Students moved freely between activities and explored dinosaurs, energy and movement, building objects, robots, space and everything in between. A Bubbles and Balloons show followed and the bubbles were BIG!

Empowering Local Schools

MOPS is one of 229 NSW schools participating in the Empowering Local Schools National Partnership (ELSNP). It is a federally funded trial aimed at schools having increased autonomy in making local decisions.  It is different from the NSW Government's Local Schools Local Decisions (LSLD) initiative, which affects every NSW public school.  LSLD, like ELSNP, allows schools to have a greater say in their organisation and management.

Science is a blast!

What an exciting day we had yesterday at the Science Centre & Planetarium! Thank you to our wonderful parent helpers, Emma and Michelle!

We saw the constellations and a fun laser show in the planetarium dome. We participated in a bubble and balloon science demonstration. We also explored the wonders of all the hands-on science experiments in the Science Centre. The dinosaur robots scared and intrigued us too!

Apple Distinguished School

We were recently recognised as an Apple Distinguished School and it's a great honour.  Not because it has anything to do with the Apple product, but rather, because the excellent work done by teachers and students over a long period of time has been acknowledged.  Only four schools in NSW have received this accolade and MOPS is the only public school.  It says a lot about our school.


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